Digital Solutions

The majority of consumers in the US with internet access perform research prior to making a purchasing decision. It is important that your business is discoverable through each path of the purchase funnel and targeting the right audience. Using our robust offering of products, we’ll design a custom campaign tailored to meet the specific needs of your business and modify that campaign as your business goals evolve.

Our business marketing solutions are built to provide maximum exposure across a variety of different platforms while reaching the audience you desire. We’ll help you achieve your marketing goals – from increasing your reach and driving leads to establishing your brand online. With solutions to meet all budgets, there is an option for everyone.


Extend your brand across all of our platforms with our multi-platform ad packages. Packages and ad sizes extend across our desktop and mobile-friendly tablet and smartphone platform. Reach users any time of the day and on any device. Grab the attention of our site visitors placing your brand front and center with our high-impact rich media solutions.

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    Digital Rate Card

    View and download a PDF copy of our 2017 Digital Rate Card

Video Advertising

Video advertising is an effective way to capture your audience through sight, sound and motion. Video audiences are highly engaged and click-through rates are typically higher than a standard web display Campaign. Solutions include both in-banner video and pre-roll video on both our local news sites and through our extended reach network.

Extended Reach Network

Our extended reach solution offers a large network of websites allowing you to target your ideal audience based on a variety of targeting options and tactics. These tactics include site retargeting, search keyword targeting, contextual targeting and much more. Gain additional reach to a highly qualified audience in order to increase brand awareness and performance.


Promote your products and grow you business in today’s considerably competitive marketplace with Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Using this powerful advertising medium your ads will be displayed inline with relevant search results on top engines such as Google or Bing. Extend your marketing campaign through SEM to motivated customers at the precise moment they are ready to make a purchase.

Social Media Advertising

Did you know, 47% of Americans say Facebook is their #1 influencer of purchases? (Source). Social advertising provides a variety of different options depending on your business need. With lead generation ads, you can capture leads directly from users on Facebook without sending the user outside of Facebook to a website. Local awareness ads show your ads to as many people as possible within a defined area. There are specific call to actions to support physical locations, such as ’Get Directions’ and ‘Call Now’. Drive as many relevant people as possible to your site with website click ads.

Native Advertising

Engage consumers and let them experience your brand through native advertising and content marketing. Content marketing is a powerful medium to build trust in the marketplace by positioning your brand/business as the expert in your field & a provider of relative information. Through sponsored content written by an independent professional journalist, on the topic of your choice, you will have the opportunity to build a relationship with consumers higher in the purchase funnel.

Email Marketing

Using our highly targeted email marketing solutions, you will be able to discover, convert and maintain relationships with qualified prospects that are receptive to your message and offers. Our robust email marketing program offers a variety of opportunities including custom email creation, access to both internal News Tribune and The Olympian opt-ins as well as third party list rental and email re-targeting.