Thurston County Stats & Facts

Thurston County is located on the southern end of Puget Sound in Western Washington, referred to as the South Sound. It is the seventh smallest county in the state, but the sixth most populous with 349.4 persons per square mile.

1Twice recent years, Forbes Magazine has ranked Thurston County as one of the top places in the nation to do business. The ranking acknowledges the county’s favorable performance in the areas of cost of living, job growth, recreational and cultural opportunities and educational attainment.

2Thurston County is home to Olympia, the state capitol. Government jobs account for 36% of the Thurston County work force.

3Thurston county has a highly educated market – with 32% of the population holding a bachelors degree or higher.

4Forbes has ranked Thurston County as one of the top places in the nation to do business in 2010 and 2011.

5The Hand’s On Children’s Museum is located in Olympia and was founded in 1987. The museum actively partners with community organizations to bring interactive education to children.

6The Port of Olympia has been open since 1922 and specializes in receiving and shipping lumber. Port of Olympia was opened in 1922 and recorded its first million-ton cargo year in 1970, with logs totaling 98% of the volume.

A little history...

Thurston County was carved out of Lewis County in 1852, named after Samuel R. Thurston, the first delegate to Congress from the Oregon Territory, which later became Washington. The county seat is Olympia, the state capital and the largest city in the county.


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